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I am a Cambridge-based commercial photographer who gets to photograph and meet lots of clever and insightful people in their places of work in the UK and sometimes overseas.

I'm well-known for my innovative and friendly approach to "people" photography and my diary is constantly booked for a wide range of photographic assignments including public relations, media, business portraiture, annual reports and brochures, conference photography and creative location photography.

I have more than 30 years’ experience as a professional photographer. Since April, 1994, I have run my own photographic business, which has proved a success story from the outset.

Prior to becoming my own boss, I was a senior staff photographer for Cambridge Newspapers - a role I undertook for six years. My first position in the photography world was as an indentured apprentice for a busy studio set-up, which undertook a wide variety of assignments.

Since setting up in business, I have worked for, and retained, a large portfolio of clients, including national newspapers and magazines, a large number of corporate bodies and smaller businesses.

Most of my assignments involve people, whether it be company reports, Press release pictures for regional or trade Press, product launches, VIP events such as royal visits, environmental portraiture. In recent years, I have undertaken photo shoots in the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa for well-known names.