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Winter photo tips...
13th December 2017

Want to know how to take better photos in the snow? I shared some timely seasonal tips for winter photography photo tips with Ian Daborn on Cambridge 105 Radio - catch-up with our conversation by clicking here.
Dawn is a feeling...
12th December 2017

Morning awakes, dawn rises up to meet the moon.
Swirling shades of winter hues...
08th December 2017

Morning Sun and tree branches reflected on water, shot on an ultra wide angle lens. Camera in one hand bored dog wanting to play pulling on lead in other hand whilst leaning down close to the surface of the water.
Seep out warms the heart...
03rd December 2017

Staff and friends of Railway House Mill Rd Cambridge are beacons of a brighter future - courtesy of their mobile phones for my photograph - for vulnerable young Cambridge residents when they braved the cold with an all night sleepout yesterday (Saturday).
They were given a moral boosting visit by Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner. Railway House provides accommodation and support to local 16 to 25 year olds who would otherwise be homeless. Dedicated CHS Group staff are fundraising to help compensate for a £15,000 funding shortfall as a result of recent government policy.
If you would like to support the vulnerable young people who benefit from this project, who would otherwise be in danger of becoming homeless you can donate by texting Rail17 £3 ( or £5 , £10 ) to 70070
Ensuring young are not shunted into homelessness...
02nd December 2017

Shadow Housing Secretary John Healey MP - visited Mill Road’s Railway House, which offers accommodation and support to local 16 to 25 year olds who would otherwise be homeless. Dedicated staff of CHS group are organising a sleepout to help compensate for a £15,000 funding shortfall.

If you would like to support the vulnerable young people who benefit from this project, who would otherwise be in danger of becoming homeless you can donate by texting Rail17 to 70070 key in the £ sign and any amount up to £10.

Young can catch up with what the Shadow Housing Secretary John Healey MP said during his visit and listen to a young person who was saved from being homeless and vulnerable on the Cambridge streets by clicking here
November Morn ...
30th November 2017

There's a definite sense of a shift in the seasons as mornings more often have a distinct chill and the sun is rising later. But, as always, each season brings its own unique photo potential to those willing to brave the elements in search of a picture worth creating. This early morning shot looking across a neighbourhood lake coveys, I hope, a feeling of coldness. To my mind, some wonderful winter shots can sometimes be spoilt by over-processing in post-production. Folk tend to overdo the vibrancy of the generally weaker appearance of the washed colours in the skies we get from now until the end of February. As tempting as it is to 'pop' the orange and reds, it's far more effective to demonstrate some control if a seasonal feel is wanted.
'Peace Wall'...
28th November 2017

Separation barrier in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Sometimes, a photo requires nothing more than a brief caption, leaving all written observation, comment and opinion to each individual viewer.
13th November 2017

I do so love this time of year... end of autumn and start of winter. Unlike the sudden leap of spring into summer, the transition of the current seasons is a more sedate pace - almost unnoticeable. With it comes some fantastic late afternoon light on a cloudless day. It produces a rich light for which I've coined the description of golden white - it really is what the name says. So although the hours of daylight are getting shorter, the rewards can be rich if you keep your camera at hand. I took this shot on my way to a portrait shoot - near the junction of Euston Road and Tottenham Court Road in London - a tad early for festive decorations but certainly adds a bit of cheer.
Sombre reminder...
10th November 2017

Suitably overcast skies... resulting in an understated look to a memorial for the allied landings in Normandy, France, on June 6, 1944. Taken on the day before this year's Armistice Sunday, the memorial is located in Milton Country Park on the outskirts of Cambridge.

Armistice Day is commemorated every year on 11 November to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front. Since then, it has become the day on which the UK remembers all those killed in conflict.
Orange beacon...
09th November 2017

Belisha... beacon of light - today's sunset. This shot, of a zebra road crossing amber light against the setting sun caught my attention because of the lower level of yellow - below the dominant orange. To my mind it looked as if the yellow was a vapour escaping the globe lamp of Belisha Beacon lamp.
Capture the City ...
08th November 2017

This month's Cambridge 105 Radio's 'Capture the City' aired on Nov 4th - I chat with presenter Ian Daborn about capturing the departure of Autumn and Fireworks - catch up and listen Here.
Crystal yellow...
30th October 2017

All that's left of this year's colour, freeze-framed early today
A10 cloud cover...
26th October 2017

Riding as shot gun passenger allowed me to grab this dramatic cloud scene along the A10.
Desaturated the red in this photo so that the previously red car in foreground no longer dominates the scene. I reckon that, viewed from the camera and upwards, the clouds are a mixture of stratocumlus, a wisp of cirrus with a topping of altocumulus suggesting changing weather front on way.
October light...
24th October 2017

Delicate dawn light earlier today.
Parental pride...
18th October 2017

Hameeda Hussani arrived in UK 10 years ago from Afghanistan never having been to school or able to speak English. Earning money for her family by weaving carpets before and after school she was determined to forge a career in law. Hameeda has now achieved her first-class law degree at Anglia Ruskin University and she is now about to begin studying for her masters and a legal practice qualification. I first photographed Hameeda a year ago when when she and a fellow student had achieved success in a UK wide legal student competition.
Master of the bars...
17th October 2017

Gymnast Max Whitlock celebrates Honorary Doctor of Science awarded by Anglia Ruskin University. I've always been lucky enough to date to have only met and photographed gymnasts who are among the most helpful and friendly sports people to photograph - with their feet still firmly on the ground! Today was no exception with Max Whitlock MBE a five-time Olympic medalist, winning two golds and three bronzes, and a six-time world medalist on the same apparatus with two gold and four silvers.
Pioneers are first again...
14th October 2017

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Professor Stephen J Toope, and the Mistress of Girton College, Professor Susan J Smith, opened Swirles Court. Known for its pioneering spirit, Girton is the first Cambridge college to establish a base in Eddington.
Bus man's holiday...
13th October 2017

Even when on holiday the urge to keep on scouting out and photographing satisfying photographs is never far from my mind. A few days break last week in the south west of England saw get out and about to greet the rising sun - now returned it's back to work I go.
Way down upon the 'Swan'ee River...
06th October 2017

swanning around working in St Ives Cambridgeshire today and it's a great day to be working outdoors with camera. I Had to wait, for what seemed, an age to catch the falling water from beak of swan in foreground.
'Back of the net'...
29th September 2017

As t's Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning today, and as the charity is a proven safety net for many a folk, I felt it appropriate to include a green net in today's photo post. I always relish the challenge of creating new ways to capture the weather mood of the season. This fallen leaf tangled up in veggie box netting provide today's point of focus. It took a few test shots to get the right amount of sharpness so the emphasis remained on the leaf and a lot of rain droplets whilst keeping the lines on the background shed blurry.