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app scores with young drivers...
12th July 2017

Cambridge United footballers lent some team support to Shaun Whiter, survivor of a hit and run accident that resulted in him having both legs amputated, when he joined forces with Cambridgeshire’s emergency services to help Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite launch Drive iQ. Cambridgeshire school pupils can use the free app, which involves virtual hazard assessment on the county’s roads.

Drive iQ is based on the fact that the frontal lobe of the brain, where risk assessment is processed, is not fully developed until a person is about 25, hence why young people’s car insurance is so expensive. Research has revealed that the driver’s attitude and behaviour - not his or her vehicle handling skills - are a factor in 19 out of 20 crashes.

Shaun had stopped his car to go to the assistance of a fellow footballer after his car had broken down. Moments later their two vehicles were struck by a third car.
Literary Festival writing History...
09th July 2017

Enjoyable time with cameras at this weekend's well attended Wimpole History Festival. This photo taken in the authors' green room are [from left front] author Lucy Worsley, Philip Ardagh and David Olusoga welcomed to the event at Wimpole Hall by [back row from left ] Cathy Moore of Cambridge Literary Festival and Natasha Woollard, assistant director East of England National Trust.
Gravity and Black Holes Conference...
05th July 2017

International conference to mark the 75th Birthday of Prof Stephen Hawking.
Blue Plaque celebrates Cambridge music legend...
19th June 2017

For BBC Music Day, 47 historic Blue Plaques across the UK were unveiled to celebrate iconic musicians and venues. I was on hand to photograph the grand reveal of a plaque located in Cambridge to honour one of our city's greatest musical sons Syd Barrett.

The Blue Plaque was unveiled by members of Syd's family in the name of the Pink Floyd legend at Anglia Ruskin University's School of Art, where he was a student. Always a delight to witness a local boy who made it good being honoured.
Making your mark...
03rd June 2017

General Election 2017... where to next for UK is anybody's guess.
Maypole nostalgia...
31st May 2017

You know time is moving on when... the once exclusive press photos you took are viewed as nostalgia! Pix of the now HRH Duke of Wessex performing on stage at ADC Theatre Cambridge during his student days back in the mid 1980's - part of a new memories display for the independently owned Maypole Free house Cambridge to celebrate 35 years of ownership by the Castiglione family. The then Prince's local during his time as an undergrad at Jesus College.
Photo chat...
27th May 2017

Yesterday's Photo chat on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Jeremy Sallis show - a packed feature covering archiving your photos , flower and garden photography, critique of listeners photos and answers to their questions .. listen again on BBC iplayer starts at 20 mins here.

Spray of Rose Water...
17th May 2017

Rose water.. today's spring rain looking refreshingly beautiful in close up detail with an insect sheltering from inclement weather This shot lent itself to monochrome as in most close-up shots there's a lot of detail and the insect which stands out better in this version is a lot harder to spot in the full colour version.
Photo de l'auteur du livre ...
09th May 2017

Merci beaucoup, via the postman today, I had delvered a copy of latest french edition of a novel by author Sarah Vaughan - which the publishers are launching nationwide this week in Paris - très appréciée for the author photo credit akonwledgement it now has pride of place on a bookshelf in my study, thanks for photo credit @SVaughanAuthor #book.
End of an era ...
04th May 2017

With his strong connections with my home city of Cambridge - Town and Gown - HRH Duke of Edinburgh has been a regular photo subject for me since the start of my career back in the '80s. So it seems appropriate to acknowledge today's announcement that he is to withdraw from public engagements from this autumn. It was a direct result of participating in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme at school that I ended up as a pro photographer.
Sting ray..
29th April 2017

The jagged toothed shaped edge of the common nettle is emphasised by a burst of Spring sunshine - the tiny hairs add a halo of high light to the shapes. Positioning the your camera so the sun is behind the plant is a great photo technique to show the structure of a plant. The common nettle is - as the name suggests - a common sight in both Urban and rural Britain.
Dog eared looking topiary...
27th April 2017

It's fun to include a little humour in to some photography from time to time - when appropriate - always a sound way to grab any picture editors attention. I took this shot on our daily morning walk. It's of our dog not looking too impressed at my recent attempt at adding some topiary into the neighbourhood.
Snap up a Penguin..
25th April 2017

Cheer up fella lift your head up... as today is World Penguin Day 2017. So a great excuse for getting away with posting photos of the cute flightless aquatic birds in blogs and on social media - using the hash tag #worldpenguinday.
On a more serious point is that while some species of penguin flourish, others are dwindling because of changes to their natural habitat. Today April 25 – coincides with the annual northward migration of penguins. Today's aim is to raise awareness of the plight of penguins and the importance of protecting marine environment. I took this photo at Boulders Beach near Simon's Town South Africa - the technical challenge was - with a very hot mid-day sun - having to cope with bright high contrasting light in an attempt to capture the penguin's detail.
Leave our Earth environment protected...
22nd April 2017

I took this photo, of sun lit young growing spring leaves, first thing this morning to mark Earth Day. An annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, This year various events including demonstrations involving research scientists are to be held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day events in more than 193 countries are now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network.
Tonal urban detail...
21st April 2017

My eyes often draw my camera towards detail especially in an urban setting where close up detail appears to complement the surrounding colour tones. The solo splash of vibrant colour in this shot is purple industrial size rubbish recycling bin in the background of this shot - looking 'down' Hobson's Passage in Cambridge - which draws the viewers gaze from the discarded cigarette butts along the passage. Perhaps, like me, the viewer is prompted to imagine the many conversations to have taken place around the ash tray between the puffs and drags of many a workers smoking break.
Building photography...
20th April 2017

Construction site progress portfolios provide me with some favourable opportunities to get creative - with the added bonus of being able to evolve the shots as the project gathers pace and starts to get above ground. I like the simplicity of this shot taken during ground working.
Cape on the rec countdown...
10th April 2017

Engine ignition confirmed ... Kid's climbing frame all set for blast off from local recreation ground this morning .. with a little help from the rising sun.
Trolley splash...
23rd March 2017

A Photograph of any discarded everyday object can offer many interpretations depending on the individual viewer. For some folk it may produce a deep and meaningful observation on humans and our everyday detritus. Alternatively for others it could be one of anger about the state of humanity and a general breakdown of society. Whatever the response, photographs of neglected and abandoned manmade objects provides us photographers the opportunity to get creative and may even result in a photograph with hidden beauty found in unexpected locations.
Case Study ...
21st March 2017

Portrait of Darren Griffin Group Managing Director of MACOI - one of the UK's leading providers of office and educational furnishings and interiors. I was commissioned by Carob Creative, one of a portfolio of portraits for case studies for clients of Cambridge Help Desk IT support providers for businesses in Cambridgeshire.
Owlstone Medical...
19th March 2017

Owlstone Medical opens new high volume breath biopsy lab with Tony Blair visit. During the visit, Mr Blair learned more about the company’s medical breathalyzer which could save 100,000 lives and £1.5 billion in healthcare costs. This includes early detection of lung cancer, and colorectal cancer, the disease from which Owlstone founder, Billy Boyle lost his wife. More detail on this story here.