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Spring photography photo chat ...
16th March 2017

Great fun chatting photography and viewing listeners photography with Jeremy Sallis on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire,
Spring colour...
15th March 2017

Loving today's early spring sunshine ... the backlit decorative catkins on this Corkscrew Hazel are enough to lift most folks' winter blues. Yellow is definitely a spring colour when it comes to nature. Come summer, yellow seems a little out of place in any flower border. I didn't have to go far to grab this shot - just had to stick my camera out of the back door. The lens flare top left adds a burst of colour and excitement into the shot.
Thanks postie..
14th March 2017

Always a delight to see how my work looks in any publication. It’s the first time I’ve been sent a publishers catalogue for retailers, so thank you Bonnier Books of Helsinki for the WSOY publication and for the photo credit alongside the legend that is Prof Hawking – much appreciated.
Nordic noir...
25th January 2017

Three years ago today (25th Jan 2014) , I took this photo in Iceland , of their "White House" Hofdi, which hosted the Reykjavík Summit in 1986 - said to be start of thawing of cold war relations between the then leaders of super powers Russia and USA. That's about as bright as daytime hours get during the winters in Iceland - not much of it but it is a beautiful soft light which lends a Nordic noir mood to any photographs lit using just the daylight.
Talented Law students...
21st January 2017

It's always a pleasure when I get to photograph and meet talented people.

Hameeda Hussani and Meriam Altaf, who study at Anglia Ruskin University, have already beaten a team from the University of East Anglia in the UK Law Students Association National Moot Competition, and are now preparing for the second round in January.

Hameeda, who is now 22, left Kabul as a 13-year-old. As a girl growing up in Afghanistan, she had never attended school and arrived in the UK unable to speak any English.

Hameeda’s family settled in Peterborough, where she enrolled at Stanground Academy School, and is now a third year Law LLB student at Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge.

Meriam arrived in the UK aged 16 to attend Fyling Hall School in Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire. Originally from Odessa in Ukraine, the 21-year-old is also a third year Law LLB student, and is representing Anglia Ruskin in the competition for the second time.

Meriam was part of the Anglia Ruskin team that beat King’s College London in the first round of the competition last year. This year she is hoping to go all the way to the final, as well as participate with Hameeda in the National Dublin Moot Competition in February.
Overcast broadcast...
16th January 2017

There's no such thing as bad light for outdoor photography if you know what your doing. Which is why I enjoyed being in a warm radio studio and chatting about photography on overcast, damp days with Jeremy Sallis on BBC Radio Cambs you can listen again, starts at 20min 30secs, here.
Snow flurry cobweb flake...
13th January 2017

Melting snow flake hangs on to cobweb strand during this morning's light snow flurry. You don't need to rely on a heavy blanket of snow to capture the fine detail within a seasonal snow scene. When it's just a light sprinkling of snow, focus on getting a close-up. The accompanying gusts of wind meant I had to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the movement of the wind-battered cobweb. I used a micro lens but you could also capture a similar shot using a decent high-spec compact albeit that your resulting image would not be as close up in the frame or of such a high quality.
Bright and chilly - easy for all...
05th January 2017

Great day even for all with a camera - photo dummies to pro - we can all grab great shots today. my offering Frozen waters on Grunty Fen in the Cambridgeshire fens this morning.
Textured thaw...
03rd January 2017

This photo of temporary ‘street art’ of textured ice detail was made possible due to a rapidly thawing thin layer of ice on a puddle. Sometimes it’s good to shuffle along slowly with eyes focused on the ground rather than looking in the direction where I’m headed. By framing the shot tightly to contain it all within the viewfinder, the impact of the pattern has been emphasised more than if I had shown all the puddle area and some of the surrounding area. It’s a fine example of an impromptu photo opportunity and why it pays to have any type of camera at hand at all times.
Seasons greetings...
24th December 2016

Season's greetings one and all, wishing you and yours a cracker of a Christmas here's to a stonkingly healthy and rewarding 2017 and may your doubts and fears be Carried away by a moonlight shadow, lost in a riddle this Saturday night, far away on the other side
Three in to one...
08th December 2016

The Giraffe the world's tallest land mammal has been classified as vulnerable to extinction. Their numbers have dropped from 155,000 in 1985 to 97,000 over last year claims the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Decline in numbers has been put down to loss of habitat, poaching and civil unrest in many parts of Africa. I took this photo during a trip to South Africa - which just goes to show you wait all day for a Giraffe and three come along together!
New dawn ready to launch...
06th December 2016

A touch of romanticism can be implied by photographs taken in the soft light of a fog covered landscape. Obviously it's not Cape Canaveral(it's Willingham Rd near the village of over in Cambridgeshire) even so this shot here of a telecommunications tower is translated in my imagination as a rocket sat ready for it's impending launch in the fog covered landscape.
Red light...
07th November 2016

Red weather warning ... just had to capture this , there's something appealing about the short-lived backscattering effect of this reflection created by the rear lights of a braking car - the two flares top left add to the fleeting existence of the scene.
Hanging in...
02nd November 2016

Natures Jewel .. a row of pendent water droplets created by early morning fog.
Charity boss business star...
20th October 2016

It was a pleasure to photograph Daryl Brown, CEO of MAGPAS Air Ambulance charity, who received the Anglian Ruskin University Alumni Success in Business Award in today's ceremony.
Light and Colour ...
15th October 2016

As a photographer, I hope that I will never lose the thrill which comes with seeing an everyday object instantly transformed by a burst of bright sunshine. This colourful window surround at Hughes Hall, Cambridge, appeared even more vibrant when today's autumnal sunlight shone through the window pane and on the decaying leaves on the branches of a tree outside in the adjacent court.
Tonal harvest...
11th October 2016

It's near to impossible to recreate in any photograph the zen like feel a stunning landscape view can leave you feeling. however I believe you can create an image which will give the viewer a hint of the visual feast you enjoyed. This morning I had that situation with the low bright Autumnal sky above a Cambridgeshire vista backlighting the low cloud and rolling mist. The result was this almost two tone photo with a silhouette effect foreground of a typical autumnal harvesting scene. The detail of the spiralling rising mist on the parallel lines of harvest with the tractor and trailer are the key elements that make this photo work for me.
Sisters are doing it...
10th October 2016

I'm Posting this action photo of The recent match between University of Cambridge Women's rugby Union first team against the 'Old Girls' to highlight the 2016 women in sport week. The objective of Women's Sport Week is to celebrate and showcase women’s sport at every level, from the grassroots to the elite, and highlight the incredible contribution that women make to sport. Gender of participants makes little difference when it comes to photographing sport. Simply put, the harder and more determined the individual sports person is the better the shots will look.
Historic landmarks...
05th October 2016

Front exterior of Peterborough lido, opened in 1936 and is one of the few survivors of its type still in use in the United Kingdom. A striking building with elements of art deco design. I was passing by, on my way back to a carpark, and the Autumn sun light was bang on the money producing a bold shadow helping to define the rather wonderful lines of this building. Obviously photographed lots of times before, but a search on line suggests not very often in such perfect lighting. this shot has the feel of a 1950's postcode until you look in closely at the passerby wearing current fashion ( who I timed to help cover a hazard cone).
A new dawn arising...
04th October 2016

Today's 'a'mazing' sun rise.. on this autumnal morning over rail track and Maze crop North Cambridge. I took this shot during my morning Dog walking stroll, I liked the moody feel with early morning mist. whenever I share photography tips on the radio I usually mention at least once the importance of exploring your own neighbourhood on an almost daily basis, it helps you get to learn the everyday natural and man made rhythms of life so you can plan, with your camera at hand, to be in the right spot at the right time.